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July 2016 Newsletter

Hello Naomi’s Joy supporters,

How time flies – I have barely had time to catch my breath and it is update time again. I rather like doing the updates as it gives me a chance to reflect and it helps me to see progress:
Our baby Luke who is with the Burgess family is flourishing. He is now in their foster care, as there have been complications with his paperwork. He will remain with them until such time as he can be adopted. This family have moved home during this time and have found incredible grace in this season.

We have a new baby; she came to us at four days old. She is with the Retief family and is thriving. The family are enjoying having this little bundle of joy in their care.
The Bullock family are still looking after their first baby, who is now eighteen months old. He is also in long-term foster care with them. His adoption could still take a while to process.
We have had to turn two babies away this quarter as we do not have any other families ready to receive them. We are going to raise more awareness of our need for care families in the coming quarter.

Our treasurer, Graham has had to step down due to work commitments, so our lovely Renee has offered to fill his shoes. We now have a wonderful bookkeeper, Michelle, who has offered her time to us. Welcome to the team Michelle! We also welcome Scotty, our social worker, to our board. We are excited for the new developments.

We have completed two training courses this quarter: Child Protection and Child Wellbeing. Both have been informative and challenging.

We are busy completing QIS which is a quality systems course; we have four modules to go before we can be assessed for accreditation.

Our Naomi’s Joy shop in Fish Hoek is still going strong, making it possible for us to resource our babies effectively. A group from Hawaii, who have a Clothe-the-World project, have donated the cutest dresses for us to sell; the proceeds will go towards our babies. Our shop has also provided resource packs and a car seat for Child Welfare this quarter.

Small beginnings – but impacting the lives of little ones none-the-less.

Blessings till next time,
Jane for Team Joy

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