Update April 2017

We at Naomi’s Joy are happy to report a great start to 2017. As you know life is never without challenges, but that is what keeps us on our toes.

We have said goodbye to baby Zizo, who joined her forever family.  It was a wonderfully smooth transition, and our Care Family have been blessed with on-going photos and a visit. She has settled happily in her new home.

We also have baby Luke,  who turned one year old.  He is in the process of being adopted, so very soon he will be safe and secure in his forever family.

We have welcomed baby Ariella, who was abandoned in a field at the beginning of this year. She spent nine weeks in hospital recovering from the ordeal. Now she is a happy little soul, full of smiles and such a joy to her care family.

Graham Haddad rejoined Team Joy, after a year’s work break. What a breath of fresh air he is on our team. Welcome back Graham, we missed you.

Our resource centre and shop has had a good start to the year. Donations just keep streaming in and customers keep supporting us. Of course, the more folks learn about us, the better it is. We are managing to support families with clothes, prams, cots, etc, from our resource centre/shop in Recreation road Fish Hoek, as well as subsidising the babies financially when needed.

We had to have a new website ( https://naomisjoy.co.za ) made, as our last one was  compromised. Thanks Jolene from Stayrad ( http://stayrad.co.za/ ) for our beautiful new site and for blessing us with such a reasonable price.

To those of you who pop donations of money into our bank account, thank you so much!  For those who bring donations of goods to our shop, bless you!  To those who support us on facebook and allow us to advertise on your pages, thank you. Thanks also to those who help in tangible ways with practical help and volunteering. To our precious care families bless you.  We hope we can fill all your nests this year!

Bless each and every one interested in this God adventure.

From Jane with love on behalf of Team Joy.

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