September ’19 News

Greetings from the Naomi’s Joy Team!

Spring is in the air!  And it has brought two new babies with it!  In July and August we said goodbye to two of our precious little ones.  One of our little girls was reunited with her mom and the other was placed with her forever family.  We still have two little boys in care, one who is in the process of being adopted and another who will no doubt be placed soon.  This week we have received a new little baby girl and a new baby boy. Both babies are doing well and stealing the hearts of their Care Families.  

I would like to take this opportunity to honour our Care Families.  These wonderful moms, dads, and children give their hearts freely to these little precious souls placed with them.  At Naomi’s Joy we believe in taking care of the whole baby, body (physical needs), mind (developmental needs), and spirit (spiritual needs).  We believe attachment is the basis for future relationships, and our families care for the babies as if they were their very own. And when babies leave our families grieve.  But then they do it all over again, because they believe in the cause, because God gives them the strength, because these babies need them to. 

Our shop continues to bless our Care Families with resources.  It also serves the community by providing second hand baby goods to the public at great prices, as well as providing donations when our community is in need.  The funds raised by the shop help subsidise our babies and fund our organisation, which is entirely self-funded, and if possible we’d like to keep it that way.  We have, however, recognised the need to create new avenues of funding in order for us to grow and touch more lives. So, watch this space, as we are working on a few new ideas.   

Later this month we are undergoing our Quality Improvement Systems Internal Audit.  The purpose of this is to ensure we are running our NPO with excellence. The cost for this process is quite expensive, and so far we have not managed to raise all the funds we need to cover it.  We have had an exciting turn of events though. We were chosen for a Pro Bono External QIS audit. This means we will be accredited internationally. This is such a relief to us as it means we only have to come up with the funds for the Internal one instead of both.  Thanks to the Lord for His provision.

Update:  The Audit went well.  We received much encouragement and also some great advice in preparation for the External Audit in November.

Thank you all for your interest in our organisation, for your support, donations to our shop, and prayers for our babies, our families, and volunteers .  We couldn’t do this without you!

If you would like to get involved, please visit our website, facebook (see links below), or call Renee 0832983098 or Jane 0832542001.  To donate to our bank account: Naomi’s Joy, FNB 62509453875.


Jane and the Naomi’s Joy Team

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