Naomi’s Joy News May/June 2020

Naomi’s Joy Update  May 2020


Dearest Naomi’s Joy Supporters


Well, it has been a different year so far. Covid 19 has turned all our world’s upside down in some way and the probabilities of our lives never being the same again are inevitable.


How has this affected us at Naomi’s Joy?  Well, we had to close our charity shop for level 5 and this took us from struggling to pay the rent, to being unable to pay the rent. Our landlord had already blessed us with a reduction in our rent earlier this year due to the shortage of finances. We have been brainstorming other options, but for now, we keep going by faith. 


We received a donation for our shop manager’s salary, over the level 5 period, but we still have that rent outstanding. We were able to get permission to open on level 4 and have had some really good days income, as well as get our care families some clothes and other items. Miraculously we managed to cover our main operational costs for May.


Our families are doing well under the circumstances, international adoptions are on hold, so this in itself has caused some extra weight that has to be carried, along with that lots of social workers are on half time, because of resources, and this has also slowed processes down. 


We would love to help our families more during this time,  we are doing what we can, and trust for an oversupply of provision soon. 


We are receiving donations again in level 3, so we look forward to restocking our shelves. 


God is on the move and doing some amazing work in us and our families during this time of lockdown. I trust He meets with you too and makes a way for you during this time, for deeper intimacy, creativity and revelation of who He is and preparing us for the next season of His outpouring. 


Blessings from us all. 

Team Joy.

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