Year End Appreciation and Update



Let me start by saying a big Thank You! Thank you to everyone for your involvement in Naomi’s Joy, your contributions no matter how big or small, they are valued and appreciated. 


This has been one of the toughest years for me, just to find the energy to give myself to anything in any way. I have had to dig really deep, and have found myself coming up short.


As an organisation Covid 19 has impacted us, but not in a way that is unredeemable. It has not been easy for any of us having to adjust to this new way of living, but our babies have been safe and have been tucked away in their temporary safe care homes. 


The impact has delayed two of our international adoptions, but praise God one has been adopted locally, and this warms our hearts. 


We have 5 babies/ toddlers in care between 3 families, 2 have been adopted of late and 1 has been approved for adoption, we also have a brand new baba with a brand new family, which has been a huge highlight for us at the tail end of this crazy year. We have Covid to thank for the heart stirrings and action in this new family’s hearts. 


Megan, our shop manager, has resigned (for good reasons). We have decided not to employ someone again until we catch up on the backlog of our rent. Unfortunately the shop is not making enough to pay both. We have donations coming out of our ears, but not funds unfortunately. We would love to support our families with more, but at this time we are unable. Our families have been able to take thousands of rands of resources, so the shop is still accomplishing what it set out to do.


We really need more volunteers, as the burden of work rests on the shoulders of just a few and that has escalated with Megan leaving, thank you to those who have taken on extra shifts to help alleviate the load. 


Y Knott has launched, sales are very slow, but we hope to build a viable brand to fund charities. Some days it just feels like an impossible dream. 


Naomi’s Joy and Hope for Babies have started a collaboration. They have employed a counsellor who will council all mommies who come for abortions at False Bay hospital. As part of the support, those moms who decide to keep their babies will receive a gift voucher which can be put down as a deposit on a pack of clothing and goods that should keep the baby for 18 months. They will be charged a small amount, which they can pay off on the pack. This will give dignity and ownership to the support. 


This is it for the year. Greetings over this season, may you find yourselves blessed and peace-filled. 



Team Joy

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