Hello special family and friends


We are almost hitting the mid-year mark and I would say life has been quiet in Naomi’s Joy clan.


We have waved a fond goodbye to precious Michelle to her forever family, this was a joyous handover, and the care family was amazed by God’s hand on the occasion.


We have 3 little ones in care now, all in one family, their capacity is amazing. If anyone would like to honour them with financial resources, for 5 years of ongoing care for many babies and not to mention their own family, we would love to pass that onto them. Please drop it into our bank with reference “3” and we will know who it is for.


In so many ways we have felt stuck through this time of covid and lockdown. It has been tricky to do life as normal. It has also felt like we are in limbo. Care families have diminished or taking a break and in general, it has been hard to keep motivated to keep going.


Our shop is still not covering costs and our clothing range has not “taken” off, mainly because marketing is something we just don’t have our fingers on.


I know this all sounds rather defeatist, and yes, I am just looking at the hard facts of reality.


We need a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to visit us and revive our weak knees and lame arms.

To revive God’s heart for the lost and lonely and to give us His ways of making this possible.

We know what He has spoken and we hold onto that. Pray with us for renewed strength, an increase of care families, volunteers, funds, and a way forward with our shop and resource centre.


Covid has also put a spanner in the works with regards to our last support tea. We had to cancel the last tea due to covid isolation and now the revised date may be under review too as I am in isolation.


Anyway, we will keep pushing forward as best as we can.


May you all be blessed in these interesting days.



Jane for the team