Well 2019 has got off to a great start. We have said goodbye to one baby and added one to our family.
Most of our babies are in transition and ‘stuck’ in process. Our nest is full at the moment. We are needing more care families, and are looking at how we can go about this.
We are working on our Quality Improvement Systems intentionally, we want to get our accreditation this year. Qualifying us as Viva approved. It is a expensive process for us and we are digging in by faith to cover the costs on this one. True excellence always costs, and we are wanting to finish this process well.
Our shop has had a revamp and is looking so nice and bright. Thanks to the donor who donated money for our crates and to those who painted them, they cost a R1000 for 10, if anyone else would like to buy us some more. We have also employed a cleaner this year, as losing our sponsored cleaner to a horrible trauma, left our volunteers quiet stretched. Our land lord graciously kept our rent increase minimal. We do need more volunteers as it would be amazing to have 2 people on per shift. We had a influx of
donations over December and we are looking at ways to creatively move our stock. Our shop continues to be a wonderful place to resource our families, and a place of ministry, visibility and funding.
We still collaborate with Sweet Peas as a collection point for them. Donate packs to Child welfare and look for other opportunities to bless others with clothes and so on. Our throw away pot on the pavement works well, and many people take stuff we can’t sell out the pot. We had a council lady come
and thank us at Christmas and she brought us a donation of R50 for all the stuff she has taken out the pot. She said she had clothed many from our throwaways.
Please note our budget update below.
We have a whats-app prayer group and we are having prayer meetings this year. Please contact us if you would like to be part of our prayer initiative.
We continue to plough in the fields of placing the lonely in families and would love any support you could offer us on our journey.
We have also been keeping a close eye on the nation’s adoption policies and stand in faith for this initiative to be halted, as it truly will hurt many babies in our land, as if there is not already enough for them to overcome.
Bless you for your interest in the needs of these little people and the small part we play in helping them.
Jane for Team Joy.

Naomis Joy - care of abandoned and orphaned babies