Updates. Nov 2018
November year end.

We at Naomi’s Joy have had a wonderful time since June. Always happy times, receiving new little ones into our family and sad/happy times releasing them into their forever families.
Losing two families to the nation’s has been a blow to us, but God has been good and faithful. We have 5 babies in care at the moment. Our families continue to be supported by us with resources to the value of around R10000. 00 for 2018. Along with cash amounts of R500 a month for each baby.
Our shop is doing well and we have plenty of donations. We do need to up sales somehow, so we looking at ways to do that.
We have made head way with our Quality Improvement Systems and have opened our organisation to add members. The cost is R100 a year to be member of Naomi’s Joy. You would need to attend our AGM if you have a heart to be more involved in what we are doing.
Our year end function was so well attended and we had great fun.
We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and head into the New Year with Joy.
Please note we will have a budget review at the foot of this update, just to keep you up to speed with our finances.
Jane for Team Joy

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