Meet the Naomi’s Joy team:


Hi, my name is Jane. I am the wife of Hamilton and the mother of Ashley, Cuan, Michaela, Zach and Sim.

I am the initiator of Naomi’s Joy in the natural, but God is definitely the one who birthed the vision.

It is a joy to serve on this team of beautiful people, they are a blessing to me and a gift to Naomi’s Joy.

Jane, founder of Namoni's Joy
Scotty Gildenhuys


Having raised my large family and retiring from being the social worker/counsellor at a local primary school, I was blessed to join the Board of Naomi’s Joy. Along with my daughter Renee, I have always had a heart for the adoption and care of babies who aren’t able to be raised by their birth mother for whatever reason. It is now a privilege for me to be involved in supporting the very special families who are willing to nurture and love these little ones until they can be adopted into their Forever family.

We provide training in the various aspects of becoming Emergency Safety parents and follow up with ongoing counselling and support through the process. Once a baby arrives, the parents become very emotionally involved with it, even though they know from the start that this is not a permanent placement. It is therefore important to prepare for the parting as the time draws near, with counselling and support in prayer from all our Naomi’s Joy family.
Scotty Gildenhuys

It is our greatest joy to see these beloved precious little souls blending in to their new family and bringing and receiving blessing and all which that entails. This is the fulfilment of our Mission.


Wife to Shawn and mom to Ryan, I am a self employed artist, art teacher, and home educator.

I joined the Naomi’s Joy Team in April 2015, with a passion to make a difference in the lives of these precious little ones, and a crazy idea for a Resource Centre and shop.

With The Lord’s favour and the Team’s unwavering support, our dreams have become realities.

My function is to oversee the running of the Resource Centre and Shop and to serve as Treasurer on the Board.

Renee Gordon


Hi. My name is Graham Haddad, husband to Jessie and father to Emily and Lucy. I am passionate about seeing children reach their full potential in Christ and seeing His plans and purposes for their lives being fulfilled.

This process in a precious child’s life starts from knowing love and acceptance from the first days of life. Our heart at Naomi’s Joy is to place the lonely and abandoned in families, as this is God’s heart.

I joined Naomi’s Joy in December 2014 and served as the Treasurer. I then was away for a time, but am back on board now and focussing on networking and exposure of Naomi’s Joy within networks of like-minded organizations.